Friday, November 24, 2006

What is not True Independent Music

Artist: Lali Puna

Purported itself to be "true independent" (which it is not), on 2/14/2005 in an article titled "Culture Review."

Artist's Label: Morr Music

Purports itself to be independent, but is in fact, distributed by Caroline Distribution; which is EMI's distributor of independent labels in the United States. EMI is one of the four companies in the recording industry oligarchy, therefore, this "independent" label is not truly independent. A research project by the Future of Music and the Media Access Project revealed the following information:

"A 'twin bottleneck' limits musicians’ access to radio. Radio’s oligopolies interact with a five-company (now 4) recording industry oligopoly, hurting musicians and citizens. Eighty to 100 percent of radio charts are dominated by songs released by the five (previously six, now four, and soon to be three) major label conglomerates. This 'twin bottleneck' makes access to the airwaves even more difficult for musicians – and reduces choice for citizens (see Chapter 4, pp. 63-67)" (

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The label named above is not truly independent, therefore, their artist's music is not true independent music. The statements made in this article about this artist being such, is erroneous and misleading to the public.

Morr Music, which claims to be an "independent" record label distributed by EMI through Caroline Distribution:

The Truth:

With True Independent Music, there is NO major label affiliation or connection; even in distribution. This element is significant because the lack of major label affilation or connection means not having full access to the music marketplace, including radio.The name "True Independent" means exactly what it implies, being truly independent of major label affiliation and/or connections. The public should not be misled and artists should not claim to be true independent, unless they really are.